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Orion's Belt (Imaged at 'Upham', NM)

Orion's Belt Map of region near Sadr


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The second 'outing' for the new 300mm lens was to capture the features around the belt of Orion. The three belt stars are all B-class stars, approximately the same visual magnitude and quite far from Earth (all over 800 l-y away). The area also contains extensive emission nebulosity. The two nebula that stand out the most are the orange-red Flame Nebula (NGC 2024) and the Horsehead Nebula which is actually a dark nebula (B33) in front of an massive emission nebula (IC434).

The image is a combination of Ha data taken from my home, and RGB (color) data acquired at Upham. Conditions at Upham were a bit hazy, but good enough to get the colors since I already had the Ha data.

The flame nebula is pretty easy to spot with a moderately-sized telescope. The horsehead is very difficult to see without an Hb filter.

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Canon 300mm f/4 (used at f/8 for Ha; f/6.3 for color)

Canon T2i
Baader 6 nm Ha filter (2")
Misc. Optics:
Step down rings to fit 2" Ha filter to 72mm camera lens
Ha - 33 x 5 minutes @ iso 1600, RGB - 33 x 3 minutes @ iso 1600
Camera & lens were piggybacked atop Orion ED80 (which was used for guiding using a ToUCam and Guidedog software)
Images aligned and stacked in Nebulosity. Curves/levels and sharpening with Photoshop CS3. Ha data used for luminosity.

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