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IC 4592 - The Blue Horsehead Nebula - Imaged from the Cosmic Campground, NM

Blue Horsehead Nebula Location of Blue Horsehead Nebula


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IC 4592, the Blue Horsehead Nebula, is a large, faint reflection nebula in Scorpius. It's too dim to be seen through the eyepiece, but the reflected light from nearby stars is captured well by the camera.

The horsehead is just one feature in an extensive molecular cloud that spans several degrees of the night sky. The image above includes IC 4601, another reflection nebula surrounding the twin stars near the horse's ear.

The nebula was imaged over two nights at the Cosmic Campground (near Alma, NM). Skies were pristine both nights.

The map on the upper right shows the position of the nebula to scale. Clicking the preview image (above) image will bring up a larger, higher resolution image.


Canon 200mm f/2.8 lens (@ f/3.5)

Canon T2i
Misc. Optics:
52 x 5 minutes @ iso 800
With Orion ED-80
Images aligned and stacked in Nebulosity. Curves/levels and sharpening with Photoshop CS5.

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