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Sharpless 155 Region (Cave Nebula and vdb 155)

Cave Nebula Region Map of Region near the Cave Nebulae


Object Information                                            Imaging Details

The region near Sharpless 155 (aka Sh2-155) is rich with colors arising from emission, reflection and dark nebulae. The Cave Nebula comprises the lower region of the image. The reflection nebula vdb155 lies toward the top center of the image.

Sharpless 155 is on the Caldwell observing list (Caldwell 9). It's very dim and requires a telescope of fairly large aperture to observe. I've seen it (just barely) through my 16".

This image was acquired at ASLC's 'Upham' dark sky site. Transparency was excellent. Seeing was average.

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Celestron C11 OTA

Canon 350D (modified)
Misc. Optics:
Hyperstar 3
41-1 and 2 minute subs.
Unguided using G11 mount.
Raws converted to Tiffs with PS CS3. Stacking with Nebulosity. Additional processing with PS CS3 (Noise Ninja and Focus Magic plug-ins used).

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