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Comet Lovejoy and The Pleiades - Imaged from Leasburg Dam State Park

Comet Lovejoy near the Pleiades Map showing region near M45 including Comet Lovejoy


Object Information                                            Imaging Details

Comet Lovejoy (C2014 Q2) is a long period comet that reached magnatude 4.5 in mid-January, 2015. The comet has passed near several bright deep sky objects during its visit to the inner solar system. One such conjunction occured on January 16-17 when the comet passed about eight degrees from M45, The Pleiades

The image was taken from ASLC's Observatory at Leasburg Dam State Park using a Canon T2i and a CF 100 f/2 lens. Transparency was excellent; seeing was OK. Wind was calm.

Clicking the above image will bring up a higher resolution, higher quality image.


Canon 100mm f/2 (@ f/2.5)

Canon T2i
Misc. Optics:
89 x 60 seconds @ ISO 1600
Unguided (G11 mount)
Images converted to tifs with Photoshop CS5, then aligned with Nebulosity. Stacks of 9 subs each were prepared using the 'dark' layer property to remove the background stars. Ten of these stacks were then aligned, combined and processed further using Photoshop. The enhanced comet image was then pasted atop one of the subs.

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