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A Lunar Analemma (imaged from Las Cruces)



Object Information                                            Imaging Details

The analemma is a compilation of dozens of images and spans nearly 40 x 60 degrees. Most images were acquired with a Canon 300D using a 28-135mm lens. The Organ Mountain panorama was imaged near the Sonoma Ranch area of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Individual moon images were collected each day 24 Hrs, 50.8 minutes after the previous image was acquired. Images were pasted onto the panorama using Adobe Photoshop. A polarizing filter was used during the day to darken the daytime sky and increase contrast. The thinner crescents were also imaged with a 300D at prime focus through an Orion ED80. These images were resized and pasted onto the panorama. In the event that clouds prohibited the acquisition of the moon image at the desired time, an image was acquired as close to the desired time as possible and pasted onto the panorama using coordinates predicted by Starry Night Pro.

The image was selected as the Astronomy Picture of the day for July 13, 2005. Clicking on the image links to the APOD.


Orion ED80 and Canon 28-135 lens

Canon 300D
Misc. Optics:
Variable Polarizing Filter
Stacked and processed with Photoshop 7.

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