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M37 - The Salt 'n Pepper Cluster (imaged from Las Cruces)

M37 - The Salt and Pepper Cluster Map of region around M37


Object Information                                            Imaging Details

M37 is the brightest and arguably the best of the three open clusters in Auriga. It gets its name from the dozens of brightly colored stars which comprise the cluster. M37 is about 4400 l-y from Earth and occupies roughly two-thirds as much space as the moon.

M37 is a splendid visual object and is readily observed in binoculars. The fainter stars and star colors really come out in a moderate size (8-10 inch) telescope.

This image was taken from my back yard in November 2006.

Clicking the above image will bring up a larger, wider field image. Clicking the map will bring up a more detailed map of the region.

Orion ED80 (prime focus)
Canon 300D (type 1 modified)
IDAS LPS (light pollution)
Misc. Optics:
Williams Optics 0.8x reducer/field flattener.
30 x 2 minutes @ ISO 400
ED80 piggybacked atop an ATP wedge-mounted Celestron NexStar GPS11. Autoguiding performed with GuideDog using a ToUCam.
Images aligned and stacked in Photoshop CS. Curves/levels adjustments with Photoshop CS. Noise reduction with Noise Ninja. Star spikes added using Noel Carboni's Astronomy Tools (PhotoShop plug-ins)

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