Enchanted Skies


Galaxy M106 and Friends - Imaged from the Cosmic Campground (near Alba, NM)

Spiral Galaxy M81

Map showing region of imageM81

This LRGB image was acquired at the Cosmic Campground (near Alma, NM) using my Stellarview 115mm triplet and an Atik 460 CCD. The camera was cooler to -10C; 10-minute subs were acquired.

Images were aligned and stacked using Nebulosity. Nebulosity was also used to synthesize the image from the LRGB stacks.

The field of view used to acquire the image is shown on the right. Clicking the image above will open up a larger (and rotated) version of image.


Enchanted Skies - Astrophotography by Rich Richins (all images copyright, Rich Richins)

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