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NGC 5033 (Imaged near Fort Davis, TX)

NGC5033 NGC 5033 Location and Framing


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NGC 5033 is a Seyfert type galaxy about 50 million light-years distant from Earth. It has a relatively large angular size (nearly 11 arc-minutes) and is fairly bright at mag 10.7.

This was one of the few images that I was able to acquire at the 2015 Texas Star Party. Weather was poor with only a couple of nights providing decent imaging opportunities.

Clicking the above image will bring up a higher resolution image with a wider field of view. The linked image contains three additional NGC galaxies - NGC 5002, 5005 and 5014 at magnitude 14.4, 9.8 and 13.6, respectively. NGC 5005 is shown in the preview above.


Stellarvue 115 fluorite triplet

Canon T2i (type 1 modified)
Misc. Optics:

Color: 27 x 300 seconds @ iso 1600.

With ED80 (side-by-side on G11 mount)
Images converted to tifs using Photoshop CS5. Nebulosity used to stack the images. Additional processing (curves, sharpening) with PS CS5.

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